Viking Raids; Iceland seek Gold at 2016 European Open

Pictured: Iceland’s 2015 European Open champions, Sunna Rannveig Davíðsdóttir and Bjarki Palsson


On November 22 Iceland will begin its raid on the 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships. The 2016 IMMAF European Open takes place at the Arena of Sparta in Prague, Czech Republic, from November 22-26. BUY TICKETS:

Team Iceland will once again make the short journey across the Atlantic to mainland Europe, one year on from the successful venture of 2015. Iceland’s national amateur MMA team has the unique aspect of all athletes and coaching staff being products of the famed Mjölnir Gym, the nations hub and sole training facility for MMA based in Reykjavik, making team Iceland one of the tightest best functioning units.

At the 2015 European Open in the UK, Iceland’s sizable team produced a pair of all conquering Gold medal champions in addition to a single Bronze medal claimed by Heavyweight Petur Oskarsson. Bjarki Palsson dispatched of five opponents in the space of four days to earn Gold in the Welterweight division, and Sunna Rannveig Davíðsdóttir achieved the same feat in the Women’s Flyweight category, defeating World Silver medalist Anja Saxmark via TKO in the 125lb tournament final. Each of Iceland’s 2015 European Open champions have progressed to become professional competitors. Davíðsdóttir in particular became one of IMMAF’s most high profile veterans upon joining the world’s leading Women’s MMA promotion, Invicta. The former IMMAF champion completed a successful pro debut under the Invicta banner on September 23.

Iceland’s continuously progressive team features a lineup of eight promising competitors, including veterans of the 2015 European, Hrolfur Olafsson (Middleweight) and Bjartur Guðlaugsson (Men’s Featherweight), plus 2016 World Championships veteran Bjarni Kristjánsson (Light-Heavyweight). Full Iceland team listed below.

Olafsson Hrolfur
Middleweight 83.9 kg (185 lbs)
Age 25

Magnús Ingvarsson
Welterweight 77.1 kg (170 lbs)
Age 23

Bjartur Guðlaugsson
Featherweight 65.8 kg (145 lbs)
Age 26

Egill Hjördísarson
Light Heavyweight 93 kg (205 lbs)
Age 25

Dagmar Hrund Sigurleifsdottir
Flyweight 56.7 kg (125 lbs)
Age 30

Bjarni Kristjánsson
Light Heavyweight 93 kg (205 lbs)
Age 29

Bjorn Thorleifsson
Middleweight 83.9 kg (185 lbs)
Age 38

Birgir Tómasson
Welterweight 77.1 kg (170 lbs)
Age 35

By lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran




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