About MyNextMatch

About MyNextMatch


What is My Next Match?

If you haven’t already heard of My Next Match but love Mixed Martial Arts, the chances are you soon will.

We are a free sports management software specialising in combat sport and working to create a better, safer and fairer environment for MMA. Whether you’re a fan, fighter, coach, club admin or federation president, My Next Match has something for you.

Our aim is to transform the experience of the everyday MMA fan, providing coverage like never before for supporters of grassroots and amateur mixed martial arts.

But we’re also here to help the athletes themselves, with our matchmaking, social media and digital medical card functions available for everyone from recreational fighters to world champions.

Managing clubs or gyms, meanwhile, is both revolutionary yet easy on My Next Match, where tasks like organising events and competitions, inviting new members and running training sessions are just a click away.

Already, our site has made life easier for national MMA federations across the world, saving time on unnecessary admin and giving them a huge opportunity to generate revenue.

And we, along with IMMAF, believe our system can make a huge difference for the structure & hierarchy of amateur MMA around the world.

So join My Next Match today and become part of the future of combat sport.


IMMAF and My Next Match

As many of you may already know, IMMAF and My Next Match are official partners.

This year, we have worked very closely with the international federation & its 58+ national members - and will be exclusively managing IMMAF tournaments such as the World Championships.

IMMAF have made it compulsory for members to join our system – so make sure you’re signed up to experience all the benefits of being a verified MMA fighter, team or nation.

Next year alone, we expect the amount of events and competitions on My Next Match to multiply heavily, as countries create their own championships to add to the current schedule.

In 2016, meanwhile, we still have the Africa Open Championships in late August & early September – and the European Open Championships in November – to come.

But it doesn't stop there. After the Worlds in Las Vegas, we will continue working with IMMAF and its members – both for tournaments and developing MMA in general.

Clubs and athletes who sign up to My Next Match will get the chance to affiliate with national federations, while every member country will be registered online, including their officials, coaches and fighters.

As amateur MMA continues to move forward at such a rapid rate, My Next Match strongly supports the ultimate goal of IMMAF receiving Olympic recognition.

Beyond that, however, the sky is the limit.


Contact MyNextMatch

If you would like to know more about My Next Match or have any questions or issues, there are several ways to get in touch.

You can email us…

Oner Avara, CEO & Founder
Email address: oner@mynextmatch.com

Tim Poole, Communications Manager
Email address: tim@mynextmatch.com

You can follow us on Twitter: @MyNextMatch

You can subscribe to your Youtube channel: Mynextmatch Official

And you can like our Facebook page: My Next Match Official

If you want to register, just visit www.mynextmatch.com and complete a couple of small steps.

We look forward to seeing you on My Next Match.



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