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The IMMAF Amateur MMA Rules have been updated to reflect changes agreed by the board over 2014. These are now downloadable from the Rules page of the IMMAF website.

See 2014  IMMAF Amateur MMA Rules

It was agreed by the IMMAF board on 6th November that both 2 x 5 minute rounds and 3 x 3 minute rounds are acceptable at the highest level of Amateur competition.

The 2014 updates do not incorporate the changes that were required by the Nevada Athletic Commission for the the IMMAF World Championships in Nevada. In IMMAF international championships rules may change slightly according to the laws of the country in which the event takes place.

IMMAF  has also underlined the importance of ensuring that Amateur bouts are correctly submitted to public record keeping sites. Where bouts have not been defined as “Amateur” by the promoter, 2 x 5 minute round matches ending in stoppage are more likely to be documented by independent record keepers as “Professional” bouts. It is the responsibility of national federations to ensure that their event results are submitted correctly to public record keepers and media, most notably Sherdog and MMA.tv.



Sanctioning Report from the PLMMAF

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On 7th November, the Polish MMA Federation (PLMMAF) sanctioned its first professional Mixed Martial Arts event, PLMMA 43 Extra, in a historic first for the sport in Poland. PLMMA 43 Extra took place in Włocławek and was live transmitted via TV Orange Sport.

As MMA is not under regulation in Poland, promotion PLMMA took the voluntary step to comply with independent inspection and officiating. Officials for the event were provided by the PLMMAF who oversaw event processes to ensure safety and adherence to PLMMAF regulations and guidelines.

A report from the PLMMAF regarding the event states that the PLMMAF will be continuing to work in partnership with the promoter to bring all standards up to international level. The PLMMAF gave feedback to the promoter following PLMMA 43, and it is expected that further stipulated guidelines are implemented for the next PLMMA event on 21st of November.

The process is similar to the “Shadow Sanctioning” concept adopted by the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF) which is working in partnership with British promoters to evolve standards ahead of of full sanctioning in 2015.  BAMMA 16 is the next event to be shadow-sanctioned by the UKMMAF on 6th December.

IMMAF Communications Director, Isobel Carnwath, said: “It’s a powerful decision for a promoter to make, to open up event operations to independent scrutiny by choice. It’s only through impartial, outside regulation that it can be ensured that competitor safety and regulatory criteria are not forfeited; and it’s commendable that PLMMA are working to put good practices in place. This is also a credit to the work of the PLMMAF and an exciting step forward for Polish MMA.”

Images from French MMA Team Selections

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The Commission Française de Mixed Martial Arts (CFMMA) held its national French MMA team tryouts this weekend gone on 16th November. It is not possible to hold full contact Mixed Martial Arts events in France, and so a selective training session took place to decide on competitors for the French MMA team that will represent France in IMMAF international competitions in 2015. See below for event images.

“It’s strange because although MMA is not illegal, we cannot organize MMA events. If we try to organize one the authorities will put a stop to it using other reasons. So for the national tryouts it’s not a fighting championship that we put on, but a tough training session.. so there’s subtle difference.” CFMMA board, representative, Ghislain Bryks.

To read more about MMA Rules and Regulation in France visit: http://www.immaf.org/2014/11/mma-rules-regulation-france/

For information about the The Commission Française de Mixed Martial Arts (CFMMA) visit: http://cnmma.fr/


French MMA


French MMA




Mixed Martial Arts






French MMA


MMA France


French MMA


French MMA


MMA France






MMA France


MMA France


MMA Rules and Regulation in France

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As the Commission Française de Mixed Martial Arts prepares to hold its national tryouts this weekend on 16th November, IMMAF catches up with CFMMA Coordinator Ghislain Bryks about MMA rules and regulation in France; and what it is like selecting a team in a country where MMA competitions cannot take place.

So Unified Rules MMA is banned in France. What elements of the Unified Rules are banned?

It’s not that the rules are forbidden. They are simply not recognized. There are no actual laws against MMA in France, but as the sport is not recognized there is a dislike by authorities of the cage and striking on the ground.

What rules are CFMMA National Selections held under?

It’s strange because although MMA is not illegal, we cannot organize MMA events. If we try to organize one the authorities will put a stop to it using other reasons. So for the national tryouts it’s not a fighting championship that we put on, but a tough training session.. so there’s subtle difference.

Where do the bouts take place and what protective gear is worn?

On mats because it’s just a “training” event, and competitors wear shin pads.

In France there are various rule sets such as Pancrace, Pankration, Pankido and Kempo Fight. What is the difference between these different rule sets? And where would you expect to see matches under the above rules?

In Pancrace there are no strikes on the ground; in Pankido and Kempo competitors may strike on the ground but not in the face.  One day, I’m confident that we’ll have MMA too.

In France there are many promoters that hold events under the current rule sets including PFC, KOC, FMC, LFC, 100% Fight and Golden Belts. All these promoters stage bouts using a ring instead of a cage, and bouts are really Amateur and Semi-Professional.

Do the CFMMA National Selections alone decide who will represent France in IMMAF international competitions? How does your selection process work?

No, participants must go through a longer eliminations process, with the best competitors ultimately chosen from several national groups. We also provide team preparation and training.

How do you train competitors around these obstacles to compete under Unified Rules in France?

It’s more difficult for us, but in France we are a great nation of fighters, so this is not a problem.  Athletes must go abroad to compete in Amateur MMA and we put our team through hard training.

How many competitors are you expecting at the National Selections?

We have 75 athletes in all categories except +120 kgs

Despite the status of MMA rules and regulation in France, what is the scene like right now?

We are the more motivated, because we are not respected in our country


For more about MMA rules and regulation in France visit: http://cnmma.fr/


FIGMMA Italian MMA Cup 2014

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The 4th Italian MMA Cup (Mixed Martial Arts) was held in Rome at PalaOlgiata on Sunday 9th November 2014.

The event registered a record attendance in the A Class* category of 49 athletes, with an overall attendance of  180 Italian MMA athletes across all categories (A, B, C and D class).

All the winners at A Class in the Seniors division (18+ years old) have earned their spot to compete in the NATIONAL MMA TEAM TRIALS under IMMAF Amateur rules. The team trials will be held in Rome, and the selected  National Team will represent Italian MMA  in international competitions organized by IMMAF in 2015.

During the opening ceremony the President Longo recalled the success of the Italian athletes who won medals at this year’s Championships in Las Vegas, gold medallist Alessio Di Chirico and bronze medallists Micol Di Segni, Lucretia Ria and Petko Borisov.

The newly  crowned Italian MMA Champions at A Class were Maria Vittoria Colonna (Featherweight), Micol Di Segni (Lightweight) and Ilaria Norcia (Welterweight ); and in the  male categories, Marco Zannetti (Roosterweight), Alessandro Pirev (Featherweight), Danilo Belluardo (Lighweight), Daniele De Santis (Welterweight), Gabriele Bartoni (Middleweight), Giacomo Scatolini (Light Heavyweight), Alessio Di Chirico (Heavyweight) and Craigh Gomez Eliobe (Super Heavyweight).

According to usual FIGMMA standards, random Anti-Doping tests were conducted by Italian Federation of Sports Medicine.

FIGMMA would like to offer special thanks to the Federation Sponsors: Everlast Italy, Under Armour Italy and Koral Europe.

See full results: http://figmma.it/gare-e-risultati/668-risultati-4-coppa-italia-figmma-mma-9-novembre-2014-roma.html

See photo gallery of the event: https://picasaweb.google.com/107240225707955910772/4CoppaItaliaDiMixedMartialArts09112014Roma?feat=directlink


Over 18s may be entered into 1 of 4 divisions (from D,C,B through to A), all using headgear, 7oz gloves and shin pads. Matches are a single round (5 or 4 minutes) in a tournament format on mats.

Once a competitor has experience at A class he can be considered skilled enough to compete in an IMMAF Amateur rules match, in a cage with 3 x 3 min rounds & no protective gear other than 7oz gloves.

D category involves strikes to the body only, both standing and on the ground
C category permits all strikes when standing but only strikes to the body on the ground
B and A categories permit all strikes when standing or on the ground

Categories D, C,B use full face head gear, while category A uses open face head gear with cheek protectors


MMA Italy

IMMAF on the Move – MMA in South Africa [Interview]

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It has been a busy year for MMA in South Africa as 2014 saw the sport grow in leaps and bounds across the country. The South African Federation, MMASA, achieved important goals over the year, growing its base of registered clubs and hosting many amateur MMA events; and through this widening its base of athletes and MMA fans around the nation. All this was made possible only through the combined effort of many people, from coaches to promoters, and such hard work is setting South Africa’s bar at a respectable high.

After its affiliation to the IMMAF, South Africa had the opportunity to put to test their national work and achievement by competing at the first World Championships of amateur MMA. In Las Vegas, they proved that sweat and dedication pay off: Of four fighters, two brought home world titles and the team achieved the two fastest knockouts of the competition.

For MMASA, 2015 has already begun. The Federation plans to increase its number of competitions around the country and is eager to join up more clubs and athletes in order to further strengthen the position of the sport in South Africa. With all the current activity in South African Mixed Martial Arts, it would be wise to keep an eye on this force in the rising.

IMMAF caught up with MMASA board member, Raymond Phillips:

What do you feel have been the main achievements for the South African Federation?

It took us a number of years for South Africa MMA to become a part of IMMAF and the road was difficult. I do consider our acceptance into IMMAF as a massive milestone and our greatest achievement. All this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our new board and for the help and guidance of Erika Mattsson. She was a real pillar of strength. I really loved her no-nonsense attitude and her hard work paid off. Bravo to Erika! We are now the official governing MMA body in South Africa with the backing of MASA (Martial Arts South Africa) and SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee)

How big is the MMA scene right now in South Africa?

There have been more than 30 amateur MMA events held over all South Africa this year. We have over 150 registered clubs now. MMA in South Africa has undergone a tremendous growth spurt this year and we expect it to be even bigger next year. All this would not have been possible without the amateur clubs bringing new athletes to rings all over South Africa for us to view. We thank them for this and all the hard work. There are still some teething problems but with a great team behind us I am confident that we will be able to handle it.

How was the experience of competing at the first World Championships of amateur MMA?

We were very privileged to take a small team of four fighters headed by myself as Coach and Manager to Las Vegas. Above all expectations, we brought back two World Champions, Amanda Lino and Wessel Mosterd! This placed us on the international ranking system as a force to be reckoned with. The experience was awesome and we were treated with respect and friendliness. When issues arose, the IMMAF organizers were tremendous and even when I thought they wanted to kick some of our behinds they kept it together and were very professional. I have attended many other World Championships in Kickboxing and I must say this Championships was one of my favorites.

What were the hardest challenges and obstacles South African MMA Federation has had to face so far?

This might seem familiar or funny, but I would say it was working to fix the problems left behind by the previous board. Then it was to get the chiefs and lords that had caused most of the problems to stand down; and to convince the clubs and instructors to follow our new Federation. That was a mission and a half, but it’s coming together nicely.

Looking forward to 2015, what comes next for you? What are the plans for the near future?

We are very excited and are already planning our Provincial, National and hopefully an All Africa MMA Championships. We would also like to send an even bigger and stronger South African MMA team to the next IMMAF World Championships.

Interview by Caio Lemos
Pictured: Men’s Super Heavyweight Gold medallist,  – Wessel Mosterd

IMMAF Secretary General Erika Mattsson Bids Farewell

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Image by Petter Stahre

After being a vital part of shaping the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) from its
inception, Secretary General Erika Mattsson recently resigned from her position at the
international governing body.

“It has been an amazing journey to be at the center of development for the fastest growing sport in the
world during such a transitional time. It was a pleasure leading this organization and being part of
establishing standards and structures to ensure that MMA has the same rights, opportunities and
recognition as other world sports. My journey as the IMMAF Secretary General ends here as it’s time for
me to return to the world of business, but I look back on these years with much joy. The MMA
community is a passionate one and I’m happy to have been part of it.” says Erika Mattsson.

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation was founded in February 2012 after a period of
deliberations between key parties of the MMA community in Europe. With a background in management
consulting within brand strategy and business development, Erika Mattsson was brought on the team
in January 2012. Her first task was to put the strategic platform of the newborn organization in place and
oversee the official launch on April 12th 2012. She was then engaged as Director of Communications and
later Secretary General, leading the organization in its first years of development. During this time the
IMMAF has grown to having 37 member federations around the world; it has established international
relations for the development of MMA and put standards and policies in place. In July 2014 the first IMMAF
World Championships in Amateur MMA was held in Las Vegas, USA, allowing young MMA athletes the first
ever opportunity to represent their countries in a proper international championship hosted by its own governing body.

“The IMMAF has been lucky to have in Erika Mattsson a qualified and dedicated person during our early
growth period. Our knowledge of MMA coupled with her knowledge in strategy, organization
development and communication has been a winning combination. Being a non-profit democratic
organization in its infancy we have been confined to limited resources, and Erika has despite that
managed to move us forward significantly. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and I want
to express gratitude on behalf of the entire IMMAF family and the international MMA community.” says
IMMAF President Bertrand Amoussou.

Erika Mattsson will for a period consult with the IMMAF as a Senior Advisor alongside her new
engagements. A successor for the position as Secretary General will be announced shortly.

All India Mixed Martial Arts Association joins IMMAF

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The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) celebrates the affiliation of its newest member, the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA).

In its official statement, AIMMAA said:  “The National board members and working committees of the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association are privileged to join the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation. As India’s largest and oldest registered MMA organization we are honoured to represent the IMMAF in India. Our motto for the last 10 years has been to protect the athletes and promote the sport. The IMMAF affiliation helps take our sport and our organization to new heights. With an active membership database of over 5000 members covering trained and certified officials, trainers and fighters, we believe that this new partnership between the AIMMAA and the IMMAF will benefit the entire Indian MMA community.”

AIMMAA offers open access to membership to everyone in India from martial artists to sports enthusiasts; also welcoming legitimate instructors from all combat sports to join hands with the organisation. Every gym, club and martial arts school that teaches MMA as part of its curriculum is offered a nationally recognised MMA training program which covers everything from ‘MMA for Fitness’ to a 2 year instructor program. AIMMAA has a dedicated division for police and military training in India; and according to Ministry of Sports’ policy, the AIMMA runs a separate division for women pledging to actively promote women’s MMA all year round. Among its projects AIMMAA also works with the Bollywood film industry to secure action roles for talented AIMMAA members and athletes.

It is fantastic to at last be able welcome India to the IMMAF” says IMMAF Secretary General Erika Mattsson. “From no other country have we had more applications over the course of the last 2,5 years and interest in MMA is tremendous. It has been a long road for us to learn about MMA in India and assess how the IMMAF best supports the Indian MMA community, and we are now content that we have found a stable federation that will include all interested parties in the MMA community in its growing family. With its strong track record, increasing membership, extended network and well developed divisions, AIMMAA is a mature organisation with much to bring to the international IMMAF community. We very much look forward to working with AIMMAA to develop Mixed Martial Arts regulation in India”.

As is a requirement of the IMMAF, AIMMAA promotes a democratic membership structure across India’s regions. The AIMMAA has membership on four levels: individual, gym/club, town (a ‘taluka’) and district/state. District and state associations under the AIMMAA are required as part of  AIMMAA’s criteria to register and establish their associations as per the rules of the Ministry of Sports, the Olympic associations and the School Games Federation. The IMMAF recommends all parties interested in developing MMA in India to contact AIMMAA and get involved.


National Technical Directors of the AIMMAA :

Alan Fenandes – MMA / BJJ

Daniel Isaac – MMA / Muay Thai

Yashpal Solanki – Judo Arjuna awardee

Kamal Mujtaba – boxing

Mohan Singh – kickboxing

Yashpal Kalsi – karate

Sharif Bapu – karate

Abbas Ali – Strength / conditioning

Lorelei Isaac – fitness / nutrition

Anup Kumar – wrestling

Mayur Bansode – karate / kickboxing

Ryan Thorpe – Head of Rules Committee

Jitendra Jain – President and National Operations Head


International Technical Consultants of the AIMMAA:

Marcus Olivera [ Brazil] – BJJ

Andy Wang [Taiwan] – BJJ / MMA

Dejan Tesic [ Serbia] – BJJ / Muay Thai

Suresh Gopi – Sambo , Jiu Jitsu and Pankration

Edgar Noordanus – Muay Thai


Italy MMA Team Trial Results – Stage 1

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FIGMMA National MMA Team Trials (IMMAF RULES) - Stage 1.

On 18th October in Rome in Italy, the Italian MMA Federation, FIGMMA, held the 1st stage of its NATIONAL MMA TEAM TRIALS. These were  organized by Italy MMA Team Coach, Fabio Ciolli. The event was held under IMMAF Amateur rules.

This was the first in a series of Amateur MMA events scheduled across Italy to select the athletes for the Italy MMA Team that will participate in IMMAF international competitions in 2015.

10 teams sent athletes to take part in the first of Italy’s MMA qualifiers and all bouts showed a high skill level among competing amateurs that lead most of the matches to go to Decision.

See the following links to the event results as reported at Sherdog.com and MixedMartialArts.com



[VIDEO] SEE BOUTS HERE:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9xu-ltHWdddWOLm2164jYFlmxUvzVb2I

See below for the Official Card Results:

155lbs (male) – Alessandro FINESSO (Hung Mun Martial Society) vs Simone VALLE (Allblacks Taekwondo)
Winner:  Alessandro FINESSO
Referee: Fabio Tafaro

115lbs (female) – Maria Vittoria COLONNA  (Hung Mun Martial Society) VS Giorgia PALMAS  (Palmieri Fighters)
Winner: Maria Vittoria COLONNA
Referee:  Pietro Stazi

135lbs (male) – Simone CRISTINI  (Hung Mun Martial Society) vs Marco ZANNETTI  (Fulmen MMA)
Winner: Marco  ZANNETTI
via Submission (Guillotine) RD1 1:43
referee: Fabio Tafaro

185lbs (male) – Francesco RUTILI (Hung Mun Martial Society) VS Gabriele BARTONI  (Sestito Academy of Martial Arts)
Winner:Francesco RUTILI
referee: Pietro Stazi

145lbs (male) – Luca IMPECIATI  (Hung Mun Martial Society) VS  Davide SCAVONE (Arti Marziali Rimini)
Winner  Davide SCAVONE
Referee: Fabio Tafaro

135lbs (male) – Bogdan BOACH  (Ukraine) VS Giacomo SANTORO  (Otzuka Club)
Winner: Bogdan BOACH
referee: Pietro Stazi

155lbs (male) – Alessandro FINESSO (Hung Mun Martial Society) VS Gianluca  APOSTOLICO (Sestito Academy of Martial Arts)
Winner: Alessandro FINESSO
Referee: Fabio Tafaro

145lbs (male) – Andrea CHIAPPI (Hung Mun Martial Society) VS Davide SCAVONE (Arti Marziali Rimini)
Winner: Davide SCAVONE
Referee: Pietro Stazi

185lbs (male) – Gianluigi VENTORUZZO  (Hung Mun Martial Society) vs Gabriele BARTONI (Sestito Academy of Martial Arts)
Winner:  Gianluigi VENTORUZZO
Referee: Fabio Tafaro

135lbs (male) – Simone CRISTINI (Hung Mun Martial Society) vs Daniele MAUTI (WARLIKE)
Winner: Simone CRISTINI
via TKO RD1 00:35
referee: Pietro Stazi

FIGMMA formally elected as IMMAF member for Italian MMA

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Following a period of FIGMMA representatives shouldering the majority of operations in the Italian Federation ITMMAF, the IMMAF has decided to formally move the representation of Italy to FIGMMA. Founded in 2013 by 18 different groups within the Italian MMA Community, ITMMAF served an important purpose as a catalyst for joining MMA organizations together, and has now handed over to FIGMMA for the continued governance of MMA in Italy.

Federazione Italiana Grappling Mixed Martial Arts (FIGMMA) is a non-profit association founded in 2009 with the purpose of representing the sports of Grappling and MMA in Italy. Since 2010 FIGMMA has enjoyed formal approval of the Italian Olympic Committee. FIGMMA contributed to the birth and development of ITMMAF, the Italian MMA federation originally recognized by IMMAF consisting of representatives from various MMA organizations and associations all over the country.

With the practical and financial backing of FIGMMA, former ITMMAF President Emiliano Lanci and ITMMAF board members Fabio Ciolli and Patrizio Maggiori formed the driving force of sport regulation in Italy. Among other things they took on the task of financing and organizing the national team for the first IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA earlier this year. Over time the operations and activities of ITMMAF have centralized around FIGMMA and their representatives, with it now becoming natural for the membership to move from ITMMAF to FIGMMA.

Moving forward FIGMMA has created an organizational structure that will ensure an equal voice is given to both its sports – Grappling and MMA. MMA will be managed by the Amateur MMA/IMMAF Commission headed by FIGMMA Vice President, Vito Paolillo and commission members Emiliano Lanci, Fabio Ciolli and Patrizio Maggiori. The group will work to sustain and increase the support and collaboration of other Italian organizations that operate in the field of MMA.

The IMMAF acknowledges the hard work and commitment of Emiliano Lanci, Fabio Ciolli and Patrizio Maggiori who, with the support of FIGMMA, never waned in their belief in the IMMAF vision. We are proud of the ITMMAF initiative, that it got us this far, and now we look forward to working with FIGMMA and support their development of sport regulation and amateur competition within Italy. This is the first time we have established a permanent solution with a member federation that governs another sport besides. This is something we in general are very hesitant to do as MMA needs focused representation from within the MMA community. FIGMMA has however beyond doubt shown that they are the premier proponent of MMA in Italy and I am confident that they will manage their dual responsibilities with great professionalism as well as true passion,” said IMMAF Secretary General, Erika Mattsson.



President: Francesco Saverio Longo
Vice President: Vito Paolillo

MMA Commission

Vito Paolillo (Vice President)
Fabio Ciolli
Alessandro Federico

Grappling/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Commission

Bernardo Serrini (Vice President)
Gianfranco Delli Paoli
Giulio Candiloro

General Secretary: Vito Paolillo

Auditor: Marco Befera



In order to select the athletes to represent the Italian National Team for IMMAF international competition FIGMMA is organizing annual qualifiers culminating in a final tournament, the FIGMMA National MMA Team Trials.


  • 1 November: 3° Praedator Young e Veterans (Mercurago di Arona – Novara)
  • 9 November: 4^ Coppa Italia di MMA (Roma)
  • 20-23 November: Campionato Mondiale di Grappling UWW (Mosca – Russia)
  • 6 December: Colosseum MMA (Sassari)
  • 14 December: 2^ Coppa Italia di Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling Gi (Roma)
  • 27 December: Praedator Fc MMA (Milano)

IMMAF – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation