MMA in France: MP Patrick Vignal Prepares Government Report

Translated from original French article published yesterday by Ouest-France Justice et Liberte:
French Socialist party MP, Patrick Vignal (pictured right), is working to prepare a parliamentary report on mixed martial arts. As part of his tour of France, he met with Breton MMA professionals.

This is an atypical parliamentarian. When he is not on the benches of the National Assembly, Patrick Vignal, Socialist Party deputy of Herault, teaches judo …

He teaches judo

He has a club near Montpellier, with almost 1 000 members. This passionate martial artist, known for his outspokenness, is currently in Rennes for the 11th edition of the city National Conference which runs alongside elections across France

At the request of Manuel Valls

On Thursday, he eclipsed the official program: At the request of the Prime Minister, he is preparing a parliamentary report on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This new practice has emerged within the last twenty years, and it mixes several disciplines (boxing, wrestling, jujitsu).

With Senator Republicans

“For now, it (MMA) is not officially recognized. With my colleague Senator (LR) Jacques Grosperrin, we are responsible for this parliamentary mission.” The report will be released in September. In the meantime Patrick Vignal makes a tour of France, to meet participants and stakeholders in the sport. For this, he does not hesitate to swap in his suit and tie for sportswear.

To formal recognition?

This was the question in the room at Fight’ness Gym located on rue du Noyer, in the southeast industrial area. The gym manager, Yovan Delourme, eagerly awaits official recognition. MMA still too often suffers from a toxic image associated with bloody battles which stand in contrast to the complete sport that MMA has evolved into today.

10th June 2016



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