Please see below a breakdown of costs to/ for the athlete competing in the 2015 IMMAF European Open Championships.

Unfortunately while mixed martial arts remains a unrecognised sport under Sport Accord and most government agencies, we do not widely enjoy the benefits that recognised sports do including that of public funding. Without generous donations and reductions from sponsors including UFC, Century and Greenhill, plus great volunteer effort, IMMAF, its members and participants would bear the full commercial costs of competition. To give you an idea of the cost of running an international MMA competition, the amount raised in athlete entry fees for the European event matches the associated medical costs alone.

We would like to emphasise the ongoing work carried out by IMMAF to reduce costs to the athlete and teams at IMMAF events through private endeavours including negotiating long term sponsorship, TV deals and establishing other income streams. IMMAF is also working to develop income streams to national federations though initiatives such as My Next Match, to enable members to raise their own income.

IMMAF as an organisation pledges to continue working to arrange the best possible deal for its athletes and members, as well as to continue striving for sport recognition and funding.

Breakdown of Fees for the IMMAF European Open Championships:

As a comparison, participation in the 2015 World Championships incurred an inclusive fee of $795 USD/ £515 GBP (as outlined below). Based on feedback from teams attending World Championships, the IMMAF team has sought to give more options to participants in order to lower costs for this event and open up choices. For example, athletes may save money based on where they choose to stay or if they have local connections they can stay with. Many teams reported that they did not use the food vouchers issued at the world championships so this cost also was not included in the fee this time around, to avoid teams double-spending on food. Also, at this event coaches and team leaders pay a lower entry fee than the athlete at £50.

Comparison: 2015 World Championships

$795 = £515 fee for athletes and all participants included:

– Participation fee (note that all personal paid this, athletes, coaches, team leaders, friends & family etc).
– Accommodation
– Breakfast buffet
– Transport coupon

2015 European Championships (£ – GBP):

£150 – Entry Fee athletes
£25 – Full Equipment kit bag (2 pairs shorts, shinguards, gloves, t-shirts, women’s rashguards)

OR £50 – Entry for all other team delegates

(Entry fee includes transport to and from the weigh ins hotel to venue)

The following costs are to be determined by the national team or individual:

– Food
– Accommodation

Sample Hotel Prices:

Hotel Prices at weigh ins hotels and nearby hotels (at date of athlete registration opening) are,

for 5 nights Including breakfast –

Hilton – Twin Room £795 (£397.50 per person)
Ibis – Twin Room – £752.25 (£376 per person)
Premier Inn – Twin Room £600 (£300 per person); or £385 (£192.25 per person) without breakfastFor best up-to-date advice on local accommodation and best prices contact IMMAF


Athlete cost with cheapest listed accommodation: – £ 367.25 with no breakfast and £475 inc breakfast
Team affiliate cost with cheapest listed accommodation: £242.25 with no breakfast and £350 inc breakfast

Athlete cost with dearest listed accommodation: – £572.50 (inc breakfast)
Team affiliate cost with dearest listed accommodation: – £447.50

For best up-to-date advice on local accommodation and cheapest current prices contact IMMAF

Other Costs for IMMAF Events

Medical – All athletes must complete annual medical examinations and 6 monthly blood tests for Hepatitis B, C and HIV in order to compete across all IMMAF events. Medical examinations need to be renewed once per year and blood work within 6 months of competition. IMMAF will hold medical clearance data for athletes in its database so athletes do not need to renew or submit medical paperwork for every competition.

Travel – For European participants travel will be significantly cheaper than flights to Las Vegas


Some IMMAF members are recognised by their government, their IOC or affiliated with a larger established sports federations. Some of these are able to to obtain public funding for athletes.

The remaining alternatives are commercial sponsorship deals or self-funding, for either members or athletes.