The IMMAF is an autonomous non-profit organization built mainly on volunteer resources and with no owners, i.e. no demands for return on investment. We accept donations from individuals, corporations and other organizations willing to further the cause of the IMMAF as stated in our purpose and vision and in accordance with our statutes. We are grateful for any and all support; please contact for more information.

How will donated funds be used?

We actively seek donations as they will enable us to keep a higher pace in accomplishing our goals at the same time as keeping membership fees low, making the transition into a substantial international federation much easier. Donations will mean that we can hire professionals for tasks that can’t be easily solved by enlisting pro bono work, such as for instance administration, legal queries, marketing and communication and so forth. It will also mean that the board, or those appointed by the board, can travel to meet with prospective members, investigate and learn from best practice first hand as well as increase efficiency in the work of committees and teams by the possibility of face to face meetings.


Seeing as the IMMAF is an autonomous, democratic organization dedicated solely to developing the sport of MMA by working towards our vision, we cannot and will not be influenced by economic incentives from either one of our donors. The accomplishments of our organization are primarily based on the people who volunteer their time; donations aid in keeping a higher pace albeit in the same strategic direction. Hence we are not sensitive to being swayed in a direction not suitable for IMMAF against the promise of funds.



(Donations is made with the service from Pay Pal)