Bertrand AmoussoubertrandAmoussou grew up in Paris where he got his Baccalaureate degree. At age 10 he started training judo and quickly earned a reputation as one of the up and coming athletes of his generation. His titles in judo over the years include:

  • French junior champion 1986
  • French senior champion 1990
  • Bronze medalist at the European Championships 1990
  • Gold medalist at the Mediterranean Games 1991
  • Winner of the European club cup with Paris Saint-German judo team 1995

While training full time on the French national judo team Amoussou also studied part-time over the course of four years towards a degree in marketing from le Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM) which included two years of studies at the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

Amoussou early on branched out into other sports within the combat sports family and by the mid-nineties he moved focus towards ju-jitsu. His achievements in ju-jitsu include:

  • World champion 1994, 1996 and 1998
  • European champion 1997
  • Gold medalist at the World Games 1997

As Amoussou later moved into MMA he became one of the pioneers of the sport in Europe. In 2004 he competed in Pride Fighting Championship and won against Japanese Rao Rao in Yokohama, Japan. In 2008 he rallied the French MMA community to form a French national commission for MMA which was later registered in 2009. Amoussou has since headed the organization that now serves as the French national federation for MMA, representing France in the IMMAF and working towards complete political acceptance of the sport in France. Amoussou was one of the initial six board members of the IMMAF when founded in February 2012 and previously held the Vice Presidency until he assumed the role of President on October 1st 2013. He currently also serves as Chairman of the IMMAF Anti-doping committee.

In 2010 Amoussou was selected by the International Ju-jitsu Federation as the ambassador for ju-jitsu, representing the sport at the 2010 SportAccord Combat Games in Beijing.

Aside from his duties as the President of the French MMA Federation and President of the IMMAF, Amoussou currently works as a personal trainer for top level athletes in a wide range of sports, including combat training for the French special forces (RAID). He also works as a mental coach for athletes as well as professionals in corporate management roles. Between 2004 and 2008 Amoussou was Editor in Chief for Fight Sport Magazine, since early 2013 he is now the Director.