We take our purpose and vision seriously and will safeguard every trust put in us from the national federations that chose to join as well as all others interested in the development of MMA. We aim to earn this trust by our actions and by clearly communicating what the IMMAF brand stands for. Our promise is to at all times deliver upon being Open, Dependable and Progressive.


  • IMMAF is a democratic organization based on the foundation of open, honest and collaborative practices. This applies to everything from elections and governance to everyday tasks and discourse.
  • IMMAF is a non-profit organization driven by the purpose of developing MMA as a sport, not the demands of return on investment. Our books are open for anyone to see.


  • IMMAF is a stable organization that provides structure for the growth of international MMA.
  • IMMAF is a skilled organization with knowledgeable representatives that always act in a professional manner.
  • IMMAF is an autonomous organization that can be trusted to act only in the best interest of the sport of MMA.


  • IMMAF is a modern organization committed to developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level, supporting the establishment of regulations and practices on health, safety, youth involvement and more.
  • IMMAF is a dedicated organization with the ability to engage MMA stakeholders around the world.
  • IMMAF is a driven organization with the vision necessary to bring MMA into the future.