Part of the work of IMMAF is carried out in committees consisting of a number of people of different experience, backgrounds and nationalities. Most committees are composed of volunteers, but in some cases professionals may be appointed.

IMMAF’s committees are in various formative stages and there remains room for members to be elected. For more information please contact


Appointed Committees

The Arbitration and Financial Committees are appointed by the General Assembly:

Arbitration Committee – The Arbitration Committee is the body that resolves disputes.

Financial Audit Committee –The Financial Audit Committee is a body independent of the Board of Directors that is tasked by the General Assembly to audit the financial activities of IMMAF.

Members: Cristiano Sampaio (Brazil), Fares Abi Nader (Lebanon).


Operational Technical Committees:

Regulatory Affairs Committee

The role of the Regulatory Affairs Committee is to develop universal protocol for safe, Amateur MMA competition, addressing rules and regulation, and providing technical and safety guidelines for the sport. It is responsible for developing progression pathways and education for officials. The committee also provides guidance for member federations involved in professional event sanctioning under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

Members: Marc Goddard (UK), Marc Ratner (USA), Doug Burch (USA), Guillaume Bravo (Brazil), Cristiano Sampaio (Brazil), Asse Hokkanen (Finland), Peter Hickmott (Australia).


Coaching Committee

The role of the Coaching Committee is to develop safe progression pathways for participants in MMA, whether recreational or competitive, from beginner level all the way through to elite professional. The committee is responsible for developing protocol and education for the coaching of MMA.


Medical Committee

IMMAF’s Medical Committee consists of a panel of doctors with a specialism or experience in medical care within Mixed Martial Arts. The committee is responsible for providing guidance on medical safety within the sport and for developing medical protocol for IMMAF competitions.

Members: Dr. Randa Bashron, Dr. David Wang, Prof. Dan Healy.


Anti-doping Committee

The Anti-doping and TUE Committee oversees IMMAF’s anti-doping policies and implementation across IMMAF competitions ensuring that IMMAF’s Anti-doping Policy is WADA compliant. The committee includes a panel of expert medical professionals who are highly experienced in the field of Anti-doping. The panel is responsible for reviewing applications from athletes for the therapeutic or medical use of banned substances.

Members: Michele Verroken (Sport Integrity), Dr. Mike Loosemore, Dr. Jack Kreindler, Dr. David Wang.



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